Thank you Rick!  You've done an awesome job on the video.  We are all very happy with it!  Thank you!!

Mandy @ Carlson Advisors


BizStory was instrumental in having the opportunity to present a very large proposal to a group in Cedar Rapids.

Rob @ Carlson Advsors


The web guy noticed your logo work – said they were the best example of capturing a simple, yet complex and sophisticated feeling – the best he’s seen.  No kidding! I told him it had to come from you…me, sophisticated??

I’ll fit the simple part though…

Cole @ Petra Tile


Thank you so much for the presentation, this is absolutely what I want.

Vicki @ University of Northwestern, St. Paul, MN


I'm one of a thousand print salesmen who might call or knock on your door, and BizStory has helped me stand out from the competition. Being able to immediately deliver a professional presentation right to my prospect's desktop has been a big help in my prospecting and selling efforts. I'm a believer in our BizStory, and have made it a regular part of my selling routine.

Steve @ Johnson/Anderson


I wanted to let you know that the investor board was very impressed! They are very excited about the BizStory that you put together. We have gotten a lot of great feedback!

Rick @ Rock Mills Enterprises


Within minutes of sending our BizStory to a large client of ours, my contact forwarded it to his upper management team in three different facilities!  They all wanted to know how they could also get their own BizStory produced.

Kari @ Johnson/Anderson


We're very proud of our "BizStory" not only in the way it was created, but with the way our customers perceive us as we are, a professional service!  The feedback from not only customers, but competitors alike has all been positive. Having something like this to show off our services makes us proud.

Stan @ Richfield Bus


We are very happy with our BizStory. The BizStory gives people the opportunity to watch our product in action and has a very positive effect on sales. During this time of economic downturn we have found it to be

a useful tool in motivating people to purchase our product.

Kent @ Scamp Trailers


Thanks so much for all your help, you have been a real pleasure to work with, I appreciate your honesty and look forward to doing more business in the future.

Brian @ Advanced Aquarium


WOW! What a great job on the video! It's cheerful, moving, beautiful, and honoring to our families and the Lord.

Lee @ Bethlehem Disability Ministries


I can't believe how accomodating & helpful you've been! It's been an absolute joy working with you. I would do it all again!

Erin @ Severson for State Senate


You sink your teeth in a project and make it happen. Thank you for your tenacity and energy. You are refreshing with which to work!!!

Alford @ University of Northwestern, St. Paul, MN


What I like about Rick Busch is that he gets things done!

Don @ Waldoch

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