We take pleasure in getting to know our clients, learning the details of what they do, and then telling their story to the world. Our motivations come from a high value of people and the gifts they possess.

Our team includes freelance photographers, editors, writers, 3D artists, illustrators, and whoever is needed to tell your story effectively.

Rick Busch leads the BizStory Team. Starting out in the print industry in 1981 and watching technology trends, Rick has evolved from print, to advertising, to video production, always with an eye on the future.

Most companies have websites. We take your site to the next level with quality video production. Our style utilizes filmmaking, rack focus, glides and other common Hollywood film techniques to provide great quality and captivating visuals. We also focus on building our business in a cost effective way so that we can meet the needs of small business and non-profits that live with limited budgets.

Last year, a Church Disability Ministry called to say that less than a week after our video had been shown to the congregation, all the needs of disabled individuals within the Church had been met.

We are results driven. We are responsive. We enjoy our work and it shows in how we serve our clients.

When you engage the BizStory Team, you get experienced professionals who are committed to telling your story in a winsome and motivating way...video that sells, motivates, trains, inspires and informs.

For over 30 years we have applied our “can do” attitude to solving communication challenges and have found great success in providing real quality work at an affordable price. This success is what drives us to continue our work as we meet new clients and craft new stories that are heard around the world.

Rick Busch

President, BizStory.Biz

1981 BS in Graphic Communications

UW-Stout, Menomonie, WI.

30 plus years in printing,

advertising, photography, graphic design and video production.

Works with an eye toward design, technical excellence

and cost effective

production techniques.

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